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Verbal Judo

Can Change the way you say things...

We have been around for over three decades providing the training than changes they way people think and speak  during  conflict. 

From home to boardroom and from contact with the public to supervision, communicating effectively under stress is a skill no one can afford to be without.   

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A Personal note

We teach how to speak and act professionally under pressure. People rarely think well during conflict. We train people how to use presence and words as tools rather than weapons, helping build bridges to success rather than burn them. Verbal Judo is the single best course in communicating effectively available today.


Working to modify and change behavior and not attitude gives us great power in getting what we need from other people under stressful conditions. We must sometimes think for others as they would think for themselves under better conditions. The success of the Tactical Communication program can be measured in keeping your people safe from the wrath of others, making them more professional under pressure and helping us all rethink the old statement about sticks and stones.


Pam Thompson, CEO - Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.

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